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Is Windows 7 Phone… Dead?


The shock, the horror... not really!

From what I can tell the answer (wait for it) is… Yes!

If Microsoft continues to proceed with the preview of Windows 8, and makes no major changes to the approach it is taking with the proposed new OS, it does not appear to have room for either Silverlight or Zune APIs, which pretty much kills the application building approach suggested and supported by Microsoft for that mobile device.

Another little interesting tidbit was what I got in my inbox from XBox Live today:

XBox and Zune

Does this mean Zune is not far behind?

So add it up… Silverlight appears to be dead in Windows 8, and maybe Zune APIs is now dead, and you pretty much just killed Microsoft Windows 7 Phone.  That is even more curious as to Zune now being part of it.  Will Microsoft now push that the Zune desktop application be on Metro GUI?  Furthermore, Metro will not run on Windows XP and you can see how Microsoft appears to be pushing the issue that Windows 8 is the future of all things Microsoft, and it also appears in my mind, the end of XP, Vista, Win7, and especially Windows Phone 7.


More to come…


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