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Apple getting too big?

I have created the following poll:

What sparked this question?  Well, a few things, the first being that Apple is pushing to have companies stop doing in-app purchases from their application.

The big players on this are… as an example, Amazon.  I go to the Amazon account, I want to purchase a book (here is a great one for example:  Great Book Here – Version Control) and I purchase it through my Amazon app on the Apple iPhone.  Thus, eliminating Apple’s cut of the book sale, because I go directly to Amazon store with the Amazon app.

For more background on that take a look at the following article:  ZDNet Story on the subject!

Stay with me for a minute – isn’t this sort-of the same thing that “evil” Microsoft was taken to court over for embedded browser technology in to the OS and Microsoft said it would be hard to remove or separate the tech?

Apple is basically claiming that because the iPhone app was purchased through the AppStore that Apple has inherent rights to all purchases through that App?  Meaning if I’m the auto dealer and I create an app to sell cars on the iPhone through an app, then Apple would get a cut of that sale?  Really?  Apple is saying you go through us, we get a cut.

Microsoft said the browser technology was “now” (1995, seems like yesterday) part of the OS, so we as Microsoft have to include it in the OS and since it is part of the OS it is Free to use.  This approach basically stopped other commercial (non-free) browsers.  What is worse?

Two large tech giants crafting the story to fit their bottom line desires.  Apple trying to get something for nothing and diminish the competition like Amazon and Barns & Noble, while Microsoft was trying to kill competition (Netscape at the time) by giving away the technology for Free and kill competition – which by the way, worked.

They both either use/used their power to rewrite the ground-rules of the game midstream.

The interesting side note is that most companies will now create a webapp instead of the native iPhone app and go directly to their site, thus bypassing Apple all together by using the web.  Thus, Apple’s push could lower user-experience because of the 3rd party webapps and drive more people back to the Apple and the Apple AppStore, thus eliminating the 3rd party competition and raising money again for Apple’s bottom-line.

Second Apple news that gives them this power is that a new survey has just been released that states 35% of Americans will purchase the iPhone 5!  <Article is here>

This gives Apple incredible power, more than they have already.  Will we watch the next big tech giant become the hated business villain (defined as the DOJ preparing hearings and cases against the companies)?  It has happened every decade:

  • IBM – 80s’
  • Microsoft – 90s’
  • Google – 00s’
  • Apple – 10′

Vote in the poll and we will see where people stand today.


More to come…


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